The Process

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A wide entrance allows even the most difficult to maneuver vehicles to enter with ease.
Entering the facility
Upon entering the facility, GreenPoint C&D Processing Center employees weigh the vehicle and inspect its load to ensure it does not contain any non-acceptable materials.
Proper holding bin
Customers are directed to the proper holding bin by GreenPoint employees, where they unload their materials.
Weighing again
Once their load is empty, customers are weighed again to determine the exact weight of the load. Customers are issued an invoice which can be paid directly by check or credit card or customers can charge to their account once it has been properly established.
Process of sorting the waste
After the customer leaves, GreenPoint employees begin the process of sorting the waste. Recyclable and/or reusable material is sorted into bins. Then, the materials are processed into a wide variety of products to be used by end consumers or to be sold to other processing plants to use in their products.
GreenPoint's asphalt shingle receiving bin
This is GreenPoint's asphalt shingle receiving bin.
GreenPoint's construction & demolition waste receiving bin
This is GreenPoint's construction and demolition waste receiving bin.
GreenPoint's clean wood recycling bin
This is GreenPoint's clean wood recycling bin. This material will be processed at a later time to be reused.
Image Coming Soon
These are GreenPoint's cardboard and metal recycling bins. These materials will be recycled at a later time.
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